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Save Our Tigers: 12 Pictures of Tiger That are Adorably Majestic

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Photographer: Drishti Hoskote
Location: Kanha National Park

Munna, the Cat: In an enchanted forest, a tiger with a marking of CAT on his forehead rules the land. His presence will leave you rapt. The most famous cat of Kanha, Munna gives me thrills even when I think of him now. It was a chilly morning, when our guide decided to take the path no other jeep took. It was a weird decision then, but it paid off. We first found fresh pug marks and the excitement set up. Just a minute later, there he was walking like a king right in front of us. It was a royal experience and something that I would give anything to relive!

Munna is about 11 years old, and is not seen much these days. He has been fighting hard all these years to keep up his territory, but yet remains handsome with no scars on his face. He is a legend and will always remain one because of the CAT marking. He is growing old and I hope that he keeps up his territory in Kanha and continues to astonish everyone.

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