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Save Our Tigers: 12 Pictures of Tiger That are Adorably Majestic

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Photographer: Neel Soni
Location: Corbett Tiger Reserve

It was a late February evening when we were in the Bijrani zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The last of the winter sun pierced through the canopy, summer was around the corner and the magical saal trees were in full bloom. The gentle bursts of wind shook tiny insects off the fine blades of grass upon which they fed. Birds chirped and deer grazed as the jungle lulled into silence.

Then suddenly a loud alarm call of a spotted deer made the jungle instantly alert, there was pin drop silence all around. The deer calls continued until finally the princess appeared. A quick glance and I got the picture of the shy daughter of Shaktis litter, an unusual shot as she was often skittish and elusive. A regal and simple image.

It was then when I knew for sure that this heart of mine was meant to wander the deepest darkest jungles of world.

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