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Save Our Tigers: 12 Pictures of Tiger That are Adorably Majestic

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Photographer: Dhritiman Mukherjee
Location: Ranthambhore National Park

Habitat loss, poaching and inbreeding are the main threats for the Tiger's survival. This image is of a territorial fight between an old female and a new adult male. Generally, males cover a much bigger area than females. This tiger entered the territory of the old female and stole her morning kill. But nothing happened that morning. "I was expecting something that evening and I was right. I found both the tiger and tigress resting on either sides of the road. We placed our jeep at a point where they were likely to meet if they moved. It was a 7 second long deadly fight. The male was much more powerful than the female, but she was so experienced that she saved herself," added Dhritiman Mukherjee.

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