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Save Our Tigers: 12 Pictures of Tiger That are Adorably Majestic

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Photographer: Daanish Shastri
Location: Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand

‘What immortal hand or eye…' The tiger only manages to catch its prey once in every 10 or 15 tries! But one glance at this picture and you can understand the deadly intent poured into each hunt. This image was taken in Uttarakhand's famous Corbett Tiger Reserve, displaying the extraordinary instinct of the photographer who changed his lens in the nick of time to capture the tigress Panthera Tigris. Known as Charamma (mother of four), she launched her attack on a Chital or Axis. So stealthily did she stalk her prey that, for a considerable period of time, neither deer nor onlooking visitors were able to distinguish her concealed form in the golden grass.

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