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Heroes of Save Our Tigers Campaign

Roheet Karoo a Founder of Wildlife Conservation and Development Centre (WLCDC): An Honorary Wildlife Warden of Nagpur district, Roheet Karoo is still haunted by the gruesome image of the dead tiger he saw outside the Government Veterinarian Hospital in Umred, near Tadoba in Maharashtra. A young student in class 7, he decided at that very moment that his life would be spent defending this magnificent cat.

His connections with nature were honed during school camps, wildlife trips and conservation talks. By 2004, young Roheet had already begun to receive calls to rescue snakes and other wild animals that ran afoul of humans. He soon threw himself into wildlife conservation full time. The surveys and studies he has undertaken resulted in the declaration of the Umred-Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary, which has given the Tadoba Tiger Reserve a much needed boost. Roheet has only one dream - of protecting tigers and their habitats.

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