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Save Our Tigers: 12 Pictures of Tiger That are Adorably Majestic

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Photographer : Aditya Singh
Location: Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

Confrontation - A mother bear with two small cubs riding on her back was walking towards a mating pair of tigers and the tigress had gone to confront them. By the time the bear realized that there were tigers close by, the tigress was very close to them. The bear appeared to be in serious trouble and we expected her to bolt away but she had other plans. The bear cubs flattened themselves on the mother's back while she charged at the approaching tigress. The tigress didn't expect this and tried to get out of a messy situation for both of them. But the bear blocked her path and stood up on her hind legs to confront the tigress. T-39 is a young tigress who probably did not have the experience to take on a desperate mother. The bear started screaming loudly and got increasingly aggressive. Soon there was a loud slanging match between the two, which the bear won. The tigress beat a hasty retreat while the bear stood her ground.
The male now decided to get involved. T-24 is about 4 years old and had just come into dominance. We were worried for the bear but had underestimated the power of an angry mother. T-24, the young male star of southern Ranthambhore, could not even budge the bear. They had another loud slanging match. But T-24 soon realized the fury of an angry mother, started backing away from a now 'one sided' fight and did not stop till he reached a safe distance.

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