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Heroes of Save Our Tigers Campaign

34-year-old Ravishankar C was the first head of the first Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) in the country. In 2014, he was behind the arrest of a serving police officer in a poaching case. He also showed immense courage in a man-Tiger conflict situation in 2014 when he managed to capture and move the tiger to safety. The Tiger had killed three and injured three at Chikkbargi village, next to Bandipur National Park and a 2000+ mob was waiting to burn the tiger with gunny bags drenched in diesel. He stood the ground throughout a 15 day long operation with the team. The mob was violent - they burned forest department buildings, vehicles and physically assaulted him. In July 2015, he led a team where the Aircel- WTI MVS unit assisted in the tranquillizing of a tiger which strayed into the village. He has evicted encroachers, and seized tusks and leopard skins in the last two years.

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