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Heroes of Save Our Tigers Campaign

Nazir Malik, Forester of Dachigam National Park in Kashmir: The hangul's most ardent, and fierce, defender is arguably Nazir Malik, whose small diminutive size bellies his strength and his courage. No one knows Dachigam more intimately than Nazir, who has walked every inch of this park in the two decades of his service. He even knows the movement of hangul, where they are likely to be and the threats. His information has fed many scientific reports, surveys, revival plans for hanguls.

Nazir's childlike enthusiasm, love for the park is inspirational. In two decades here, he has fought a relentless battle to restrict the bakarwals, whose sheep threaten to over graze the few remaining meadows of the hangul, and whose dogs are known to prey on hangul fawns. This is a politically fraught issue, and Nazir has faced tremendous pressure. He has also refused a promotion, when realized that it would take him way from the field and Dachigam - to which he is very committed. He has encountered poachers and risked his life to bring them to book, and take the case to its logical end.

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