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NDTV-Aircel Save our Tigers Campaign

Once there was a tiger, the classic opening of our bedtime stories, threatening to become the sign off. In a country, rated among the most bio-diverse terrains in the world, with over 12% land covered with forests, we have only 1,400 tigers left.Just as this shocking census report came in, in 2008, NDTV set out on a mission: To Save Our Tigers - the largest and the most comprehensive media campaign on tiger conservation till date. We presented the Prime Minister with a petition, signed by thousands across the country. Then we went from state to state, chief minister to chief minister, who offered us time-bound and promises of action.Today we can proudly say, we have set the tiger agenda for the nation.Our 12 Hour Live Telethon is dedicated to raising funds for the tiger. You too can help make a difference.

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