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Is the Future of Kaziranga National Park Secure?

In this special episode of Save Our Tigers campaign, we take you around the eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot - Kaziranga National Park, a world heritage site which was also declared as a tiger reserve in 2006 and boasts the highest density of tigers in the world, which is one per five km. Spread across 430 square kilometers of swamps and grasslands, the park has a population of about 116 tigers according to the latest census in 2015. It is also refuge for the world's largest population of great one-horned rhinos. But sadly, Kaziranga has been the target of several natural and man-made calamities in the recent decades. From floods caused by the overflow of the river Brahmaputra causing significant loss of animal life to encroachment by people along the periphery has led to a diminished forest cover and a loss of habitat. We take you through the challenges being faced by this national park in Assam.

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